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1-on-1 Marketing Working Sessions

This service is receiving rave reviews from my clients. They proclaim it as the most cost effective marketing service they’ve purchased all year.

If you have a list of marketing tasks you’ve been putting off, your business could be suffering. Don’t procrastinate any longer! I will work right by your side to get all your marketing tasks done. Don’t know how to set up a Business Facebook Page? Need to create an email template in MailChimp? Want to start a website but don’t know how to get started? Have a website, but don’t know how to make changes?

We meet up and tackle your to-do list together! Although being able to work remotely is the heart of business now a days, there is nothing more efficient than working next to a professional. No more writing out instructions to send to your designer. No more receiving a design that’s nothing like you wanted—we’ll design it together so no time wasted moving in the wrong direction.

Make an appointment for one of these “power sessions” today!