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Having the right kind of brand name is half the battle in creating the right kind of brand recall, market exposure and build trust with your target audience. Savvy entrepreneurs and businesses invest in getting the right brand name and identity because once it’s in use, it shouldn’t be changed.

At Hall or Nothing Designs, we understand what it takes to develop the right brand name and identity mark that not only sounds and looks great but also has a brand story anchor that helps it connect with it’s target audience. Although we work hard to stay abreast of changes and trends in the marketplace, we create brands that ensure a long life that won’t lose favor with your target audience with the passage of time.

Your business name and logo mark should be:

  • Legible
  • Easy to Spell
  • Memorable
  • Unique to Avoid Confusion
  • Descriptive to your Business

Branding Service Offerings

Business Naming Service

If you are ready to publicly announce that your business doors are open, but don’t yet have a name, let us help you choose a business name that is unique, clear, and memorable—all the qualities that make for a successful brand.

Our business naming process ranges in scale depending on the needs and scope of the business in question, but all projects include the following steps:

    • Review of existing positioning
      A review of all relevant materials, such as background and positioning documents, product/company profiles, customer research, and naming-specific guidelines or naming brief, if available.
    • Audit of competitors
      We conduct a thorough review of the key players in your industry, their naming conventions, how they position themselves, and the brand personality they project.
    • Briefing meeting
      Next, we’ll meet with you to discuss strategic and creative parameters for the project. We’ve got a bag of proprietary creative exercises to ensure the meeting is not just productive but also the most fun you’ll have all day.
    • Creative brief
      Our written brief ensures we’re all on the same page about messaging and naming specs, which include tonality, length, need for domain name, international considerations, and plenty more.
    • Multiple rounds of name development
      Naming brief in hand, our creative team will develop hundreds of names, and we’ll present you with the cream of the crop.
    • Preliminary trademark screening
      Although you should hire an attorney to handle your trademarking process, we will conduct a screening of the USPTO for strictly domestic companies and the WIPO for worldwide and/or country-specific databases.


Branding Basics for Small Businesses

This package is designed for the sole proprietor who is launching a small business, where budget is a top priority.

      • Company Branding Questionnaire
      • 3 Conceptual Logo Designs
      • 2 Revision Rounds on chosen Design
      • 5 Final File Formats of all Brand Assets
      • Full Distribution Rights & Copyright Ownership
      • Business card design
      • 1,000 printed business cards


Branding for Growth

This package is designed for the entrepreneur preparing to grow an empire. All of the basic package plus:

      • Competitor Branding Research
      • Color Research and Pitches
      • Finalized Brand Color Palette
      • 2 Secondary Logos/Watermarks
      • Brand Typography Files
      • Commercial Font License
      • Brand Iconography Style
      • Brand Patterns & Textures
      • Custom Business Card Design
      • Social Media Assets
      • Brand Launch Posts for Social Media
      • Final Brand Guideline Book
      • Brand Summary Page


Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial font files & license?

Commercial fonts are fonts that are created by professional typography design firms. They are not available for free download, meaning there’s less of a chance that one of your competitors will have the same font as you! These commercial font files will come with your final package for you to download to your computer and use for future marketing materials, etc. The license is drafted in your company’s name, so we’ll hand that right over to you once we get you all set up online.

What are brand patterns & textures, and why do I need them?

Part of building a brand is maintaining a consistent visual identity, so that your company becomes associated with a certain combination of colors, graphics, typography, and iconography. Your brand patterns and textures are an extension of that. They can be used on marketing collateral and be carried over to your website. They are seamless titles that are ready to go, in your brand colors, and in alignment with your brand’s personality.