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Mobile Matters More than Ever

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The “mobile first” revolution is in full swing. If you are a marketer who isn’t considering putting a large chunk of your budget to reach your mobile customers, you might want to check out these numbers:

What do the mobile stats mean for your marketing

The number of people using mobile devices worldwide is skyrocketing. This means that you now have more flexibility in reaching your end user. For companies that collect and track customer usage, you’ll enjoy an increase in the amount of location-based data for use in focused marketing efforts. With targeting messaging, mobile is sure to become your customers preferred method of communication.

For companies looking to increase your mobile sales, mobile users are beginning to trust this channel and many have begun to prefer this buying platform. Tracking is imperative to learning more about your customers, gaining more messaging opportunities, and providing a richer buying experience for your customers.

So put your marketing dollars where your customers are. Mobile matters!