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For some time now cold-foil printing has been the go to process when you want to dazzle clients with your printed collateral. With cold-foil printing, the printing process uses a standard printing plate to apply an adhesive to the substrate. The adhesive is then used to transfer foil onto the substrate. Finally, a CMYK full color process is used over the foil to create a shiny foil finish with the color of your choice. While this process is still very much a reliable one for long-run print jobs, a new process, called Akuafoil, has risen to the top for shorter runs. While the file set up for Akuafoil printing is much like that for cold foil printing there are a few fundamental differences that separate the two different processes.

Akuafoil provides the same elegant foil finish as cold-foil printing. However, Akuafoil utilizes a different printing process than traditional cold-foil printing. With Akuafoil, a layer of silver ink is applied under regular colors, resulting in glimmering metallic accents on your printed pieces. Like cold-foil, Akuafoil uses CMYK colors, offering you the chance to brand your business cards, post cards, brochures and so on with a variety of hues. Akuafoil even offers gradients in any CMYK color.

Akuafoil printing is simple and affordable for short-run print jobs. Hall or Nothing Designs is proud to offer Akuafoil printing as well as cold-foil printing for larger jobs. Contact us today to get a quote and brighten up your image among customers with luminous Akuafoil printing.

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