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It’s the first day of ExactTarget’s Connections 2013 in Indianapolis.

The opening keynote speaker, Jim Collins, lets us in on his quest to discover what seperates the good leaders from the great ones. Greatness, he attests, is not primarily a function of circumstance. It is a matter of conscious choice and discipline. Companies who survive turbulent times aren’t reacting to them, but are instead persisting through them.

With nearly 6,000 in the audience, nearly all raise their hands when Collins asks, “How many of you have a to-do list?” The number of hands that raise when he follows with, “How many of you have a stop-doing list?” are much fewer.

We all only get 24-hours a day times the number of days we will live. What will we do with them? Good leaders are driven by personal gain or accomplishments. Great leaders have a passion for a larger cause. A company’s culture is its strategy

Collins closing says it best, “Life is people. Be useful.”

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