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We love plastic business cards at Hall or Nothing Designs. When you hand your prospect a semi-translucent frosted plastic business cards, you set yourself up for a successful relationship right from the start. The substantial feel of the plastic, coupled with the modern design aesthetic of using clear or frosted plastic gives your customers the impression that you have high standards, and therefore must offer a quality product or service.

Don’t limit your creativity to just business cards. Plastic cards would make great general membership cards, loyalty or rewards cards, or discount cards . We could design a blank area on the card for you to be able to write a customers name using a permanent marker or sharpie. We could even print a scannable bar code to apply a discount at checkout—a great way to track your customers! You could even use these cards as clothing hangtags, employee badges, tickets to an event, or tags for a gift basket.

Printing on plastic is popular for the following reasons:

  • Stand out from the crowd. Not many of your competitors will have a plastic business card, so you’ll immediately stand out.
  • Water-proof. If you own a pool cleaning service or other water-related industry, you may benefit from the water-proof nature of plastic.
  • Durable. Plastic business cards can stand up to abuse, a quality that might demonstrate the rugged personality of a construction company, or it’s durability might be necessary for the element explosure at a restaurant.
  • High-tech. Plastic has a high-tech feel that would serve a software or communications company well.

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